Thoughts on Launching Our First “Pay What You Want” Experiment Today

Kicking Things Off

Instead of trying to get annual subscription for the Mattermark Daily, our daily newsletter, we’re starting with something a little simpler and offering pre-orders for the 100+ page analysis I’m putting together to summarize all that has happened in the startup data world in 2014. I’m setting the minimum contribution at $1, and hope those who are familiar with my analysis will consider donating more. You can order it here!

Deciding on “Pay What You Want”

At Mattermark we don’t see ourselves as a media company looking to make a profit through low-margin lines of business like content. However, the idea of having a small and sustainable high quality writing effort has always been of interest (and was part of the original founding vision for the company) so instead of spinning up a whole team and then discovering we’re not writing what people want, we’re going to flip things around to make sure the community is interested in paying for what we provide.



CEO & Cofounder of @Mattermark

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