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Earlier today I had the honor of joining #ChatSnap on their Twitter chat with host, Rebecca Councill and guest, Katelyn Brower. At the beginning of the chat the Rebecca explained the house rules.

“HOUSE RULES for #ChatSnap. Be sure to start your answers w/ A1, A2, etc. and use hashtag #ChatSnap in EVERY tweet! Let’s get it trending!!” says Rebecca.

As usual on a twitter chat, everyone introduced themselves and Rebecca followed it with icebreakers. Throughout the chat we discussed which businesses should use SnapChat for businesses and how we use SnapChat. Everyone uses SnapChat in different ways:

  • To promote products
  • Share their personal life
  • Marketing
  • For their business

One topic that was discussed is what business should use SnapChat. Everyones reply was more or less similar, if the businesses target audience is on SnapChat then the business should promote their products and update their audience on SnapChat.

Our guest, Katelyn Brower is the Digital Marketing Manager at Dun and Bradstreet.

Katelyn says “Snapchat’s demographics are YOUNG so we always need to be ‘on fleek ;)’ with our posts.”

Not all businesses would be successful promoting their products or services on SnapChat and those that will are targeting a younger audience so relating to young people is key. Using their languange and relating the post to something that’s popular will definietly be helpful.

One of the chatters, Alexa Bullard said, “Snapchat is a great way to market your business on a budget. You CAN pay for things like Geofilters, but it’s not 100% needed.” I couldn’t agree more with her, a lot of SnapChatters use geofilters everyday, putting your logo or promoting your business through a geofilter would be a very effective marketing strategy.

I definitely loved connecting with everyone of the chat but one of my favorite things was “shameless plug time” at the end. At this time all the people involved in the chat were able to share their snapcode and links. It really showed how we’re a community and encouraged us to support one another.

I definitely recommend joining a twitter chat having to do with something that interest you. It is very nice to see the community coming together to talk about one special subject and seeing all the different point of views. You may even see people you know joining it on the chat as well.

#ChatSnap is on Wednesdays at 2 p.m.

Twitter handles:

Host: Rebecca Councill @RebCouncill

Guest: Katelyn Brower @BrowerKDnB

Myself: Danielle Leon @Danielleleonn

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