She sent me out into the world

To find what I had forgotten

My ancestry and covenant

Begun generations before

To know Real Love

In a way which had been

Set aside for a golden calf of cultural ritual

Which long eluded me

As Contrary to my nature

And genetics

A child of the 70s, adolescent of the 80s and by 1990, a father and husband.

Borne of obligation

Proved with effort and fealty

Sans Liberty.

For 400 days

I searched alone

Discovering that which

I had forgotten

The feel of a cool mountain lake

Against my skin

The sun on my face

Laughter that began

Deep within my gut

Radiating joy in all directions

Flowing from my fingers and toes

Regardless of context

Or company

The feel of my ears pulling back

As my eyes closed

Mouth opened and

My head rolled back

In a primal yawlp!!

The feeling of being

Sensuously wrecked

Exhausted to the point

Of panic and catching my breath

To breathe … Deeply.

Lost to the moment

And present within the same

To find God

Within me

Always reveling

For every experience

And for the color of grief

Fear and Love … In everything


My sojourn

Necessary and now

With another

To learn what it means

And how it feels

To give and receive

Without wondering if

Or why or how much

My Exodus begun

With a stop over for

Just one more passenger

One road

Differing journeys

Ultimately arriving

To attend the same

Joyous gathering

Of those whom

Have been waiting

A moment in time

Spanning generations

Image: cdn.morguefile.com