Using Affirmations

Affirmations are something I use in my life everyday. The most common way I use them is to support an outcome that I’m wanting in my life, or to reinforce a current belief or situation.

If you’re not familiar with affirmations, they are basically positive statements that can be short and simple, or long and complex, usually stated in the past tense.

You can use affirmations to further support the thoughts and visualizations you have about things you want to attract into your life.

A few examples on some broad topics are:

  • It’s great being able to pay all my bills on time with cash
  • I have so much more energy now I’m eating healthy and exercising each day
  • I am so grateful that I’m surrounded by so many wonderful friends
  • My new job is even better than I imagined
  • I feel so happy playing with the kids in our new home

You can create them to support just about any goal or desire you have. Say them to yourself in your mind or out loud as you go through the day. The higher your vibe as you say them, the more impact they seem to have. Try it out for yourself.