It’s not that complicated.

Success is what fuels passion, more than passion fuels success.

We all have the need to know what our passions are so quickly, especially when in your 20’s; about to graduate, it can be frustrating. The pressure builds up because you have to find your passion, that ONE THING that you’ll be pursuing no matter what, to become successful. If not then, its a wrap.

The idea of graduating is exciting and overwhelming, feeling like the world is at your feet and everyone will be asking you, ‘so what are you gonna do now?’. Most of us will worry about making decisions, taking the wrong job opportunities or even being stuck doing a 9–5 job. Its almost like you’ve graduated out of University just to apply to a brand new course called ‘Finding ones Passion’, a course you’ll probably be stuck studying for life.

Which will create anxiety in all of us, but understand passion isn’t a plan or a blueprint. Its just an emotion that changes. There are many things that we are passionate about, it changes as we grow. so having a passion for something, isn’t a thing one must worry about…Its what ignites us to continue to achieve our successes.

We shouldn’t sit in a state of fear trying to figure out our passion; we gotta go out there, to pursue all the experiences we possibly can and see what works and what doesn’t. That doesn’t necessarily mean, we’re gonna be stuck in the jobs we’ve applied for. NO!. You will never know the things you’d learn from the job your in. It can create a simple business idea; so go in with the mindset that you’re here to study the structure of a business. Enjoy it. Try putting yourself in any uncomfortable field you’d never considered in trying; meet new people to build connections, and its okay to leave that job or even if that job ends up leaving you. Sometimes all things in life, will one day come to an end.

Everything in life that we experience is what could have easily, have planted an entrepreneurial seed in your mind without you acknownlegding it. Creating a platform for you to connect to like-minded people just like yourself, that loves what you are willing to offer to the world, is exactly what sparks passion, that zest of life that you always dreamt of.

So, not knowing what your passion is, doesn’t mean you’re not ambitious enough or interesting. Passion isn’t a hobby or something you just do, its that vibrate energy we create and up hold within ourselves in whatever we’re doing now, to better and create new skills. We may always claim to know ourselves and whats right or wrong, or befitting of us; including in our relationships, we could be easily mistaken…Unless, we give ourselves the chance to do our best or give ourselves a chance to see how we are like or what needs improving in those aspects of our lives. To understand ourselves.

Don’t stress, about the unknown, the missing pieces to the puzzle- That’s the part of life, that drives suspense, excitement and humility. Its what creates surprises that pushes us to creating our most wildest dreams to become our reality. And when you do find out what that dream is, don’t sit there waiting for passion, to passionately kiss you and sweep you off your feet, towards your dreams.

Invest in yourself. Read books to better yourself, solve the problems you enjoy also the relationship you have with yourself and others. You are worth, your own time. No else deserves it more than you.

Smile away your concerns because you are more prepared than ever before, you can love the simple things, but pursue it and making profit of those simple things.

You’re the success passion follows.

Love, Live & Rise to your fullest potential.


Hodan Edan

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