TicketSwap Case Study: Venue — Ancienne Belgique

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  • Secure Swap-enabled partner venue since November 2017
  • 52% more tickets were resold safely on TicketSwap since Secure Swap integration
  • AB visitors can easily find safe secondhand resale tickets for sold out events via the AB website

Ancienne Belgique is Belgium’s (and Brussels’) premier mid-sized music venue. First used as a showroom back in 1903, AB now features two halls: the Grote Zaal (2000 capacity) and the ABBox (250 cap.) AB is the artists’ favourite stop in any tour of the Benelux, and with more than 300,000 visitors each year, it’s clearly a fan favourite too. The emphasis on in-house production, and a wonderful blend of homegrown and international bookings has made it a cultural hub in Europe.

AB’s popularity among artists and fans meant that problems with the reselling of tickets, such as unfair pricing and ticket scams, were a constant frustration for visitors. With top names in music coming to town each week and selling out, AB’s ticket sales were often hijacked by professional resellers on unsecure platforms. This desire to take back control of their ticket sales, and provide their fans with a clear and proactive method to buy safe secondhand tickets naturally brought AB and TicketSwap together.

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“With the volume of events and artists we have each week, unsecure ticket resale was a constant problem for our visitors. TicketSwap’s safe and fair marketplace ensured we could offer our customers an easy and transparent way to buy and sell tickets between themselves.” — Tim van Riel, Ticketing Coordinator, AB

Since November 2017, through cooperation with AB’s ticket provider, Ticketmatic, AB has been integrated into the Secure Swap platform. This meant that tickets to any AB event can be resold on TicketSwap, verified in realtime and delivered via unique barcodes to the new buyers immediately after purchase. Additionally, when an event sells out, AB proactively sends its visitors directly to the official TicketSwap resale page, while maintaining its unique brand. Together, we have ensured that AB’s visitors are protected from ticket scams and unfair pricing.

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If your venue wants to take control of the secondary market around your event and start combating scalping and scammers, get in touch here.

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