Beautiful places to eat in the United States

Eating out on a sunny day in the U.S. is a common hang out hobby of many Americans, whether for a lunch near the office or to have some nice time with the family. As a result, restaurants are filled out all the time and in many places reservations must be placed in advance. So let me share with you a list of very beautiful dining places in America, every real food lover must visit at least once.

Soho House

Location: Los Angeles

A recognized place, mentioned in many publications Soho House is known as a fantastic spot for dining out in a beautiful atmosphere.

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Location: Seattle

Tasty food and a beautiful view might be all you need after a day of work or for a hang out on the weekend, Canlis offers this experience and much more.

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Imperial La Mian

Location: Chicago

A Chinese cuisine, special for its very authentic atmosphere, feeling like visiting China in a snap? Eat at Imperial La Mian, one of the most beautiful eatig points of the city.

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Last words

Visiting such a beautiful restaurant once in a while can be costly for some, but if you like quality food in a great atmosphere, the advantages these places has to offer are worth it. So my recommendation is — take your family to Imperial La Mian, Canlis or Soho House, and have your next dining experience worthwhile. Do you know about another gorgeous place to eat?

About me

This article was written by Dankash, a typical American food lover who likes to travel the world and have fun. In this article there are a few recommendations about 3 beautiful restaurants, the links to the original sources of the images are mentioned in the article. Thanks for reading, feel free to share it and leave your comment on this article below!


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