Self-evaluation at work: a framework

The following is a framework I learned from my current manager for providing the basis for a conversation about performance and feedback.

Use this when: You want to have a conversation with your manager about how you’re performing, possibly for the purpose of asking for a raise or a promotion.

The framework:

Step 1: Make a list of all of all the stuff you do in a typical week. Things like run meetings, establish priorities, motivate peers, manage up, manage down, analyze data, share learnings. Just write it all — the stuff that you do or think you should do as part of your job.

Step 2: Put these into a spreadsheet in column A. Call that column “Duties”.

Name column B “Enjoyment”. In this column, rate each item from 0–10 on how much you enjoy doing that activity.

Name column C “Execution”. In this column, rate each item from 0–10 on how good you think you are at executing on that activity.

Step 3: Plot each item on a two by two graph.

Step 4: Analyze. For those items with high execution but low enjoyment, this is where you’re giving something to the company. For those items with high enjoyment but low execution, this is where the company is giving something to you. You should have a balance between these. You and your manager can have a nice conversation about the distribution of the points as a whole, and about the status and trajectory of individual items.