All items are located in San Francisco, CA. Shipping is covered by the buyer. For quick buys send $ via Square Cash or Venmo to username “epicurrence”.

Email or DM on Twitter @dannpetty for questions.

Summary of what’s for sale and status:

  1. Sony A7SII $1700 (still available)
  2. Sony A7RII $1500 (still available)
  3. **********Sony A7SII or A7RII bundle $6000 (unavailable)*****
  4. 4. Sony 10–18 lens — $500 (still available)
  5. Sony FE 1.4/85 GM lens — $1400 (still available)
  6. Sony FE 2.8/90 Macro G OSS lens — $600 (still available)
  7. **********Sony FE 4/70–200 G OSS lens — $1000 (SOLD)*****
  8. Sony Zeiss FE…

I’m about to embark on a adventure across the beautiful States of America interviewing and filming the daily lives of freelancers in all graphic design disciplines. I’ll potentially be including photographers and creative developers as well. So, if you’re a freelance web designer, app designer, logo designer, illustrator, print maker, developer, or even a photographer in any capacity, reach out. Doesn’t matter whether you love it or hate it. Successful or not. Just starting out or a veteran. As long as you’re willing to share your side of the story you might be a good fit for the film.


Epicurrence is a unique experience you’d find in the organic aisle of conferences. At an event like Epicurrence — The Montues, the focus is on the attendee and their relationships with the other attendees. The main goal is to get you re-inspired to create better work but comes with incredible benefits like learning new techniques and skills to manage your work life while gaining life-long relationships. Sure, there are epic activities, but ultimately it’s the discussions and the knowledge that you take away that sets it apart.

So you’re thinking about coming and joining in on the conversation? Epic. …

To try and save some money, we’re looking to sell a few things we can get rid of. If interested in any of the below, please contact me at and let’s make a deal :)

Thank you for looking!

All items are located in San Francisco, CA. Shipping is covered by the buyer.

1. The Epicurrence 2012 Ford E350 4x4 Sportsmobile

For sale for $100,000

Here it is on eBay. ← Full mod list.

This is by far the toughest thing I have to sell. I LOVE this rig. I’ve sadly only ventured off as far as Park City, Utah in it from SF, but the previous owner took it as…

It was the most punishing pain I’ve ever felt — a sting ray’s tail went straight through my heel and out the other side, leaving fragmented barbs behind in its tracks only for me to later discover them. After the attack, I had to crawl up 140 steps at Swamis in San Diego, CA with blood drenching each slab of wood. It was already well into night fall, and no one was around to help. By step 70, my right leg was already completely numb yet overflowing with pain. After reaching the ascent, I crawled into my Jeep and…

Staying true to the vulnerable values of Epicurrence, I wanted to tell you what it was actually like creating this experience from the ground up, from start to finish. At the time of writing this, it’s been two weeks since Epicurrence No.1 in S. Lake Tahoe has ended. To be quite honest, it still hasn’t settled in what happened. This little idea of mine actually came to life, an unimaginable journey full of moments of weakness and strength, hidden failures yet unimaginable fortunes. Two months of my life were dedicated to this experience that I call Epicurrence.

Just 5 out of the 100+ Roles of a Designer

There are a lot of people out there that think designers just sit and paint-by-numbers all day. Or they think that anyone can design, or even that everyone understands design. Clearly, this is not true or else designers wouldn’t be getting the highly paid salaries as they do in today’s industry. If you knew the industry, you’d understand that it’s nearly impossible to hire an extremely talented designer in the Bay Area today. It’s also harder to keep one. The demand is just too high. …

Tips & tricks to get that high score you’re wanting.

A couple of months ago, Cathy Shive and I launched a new iPhone game called Matchagram. It’s a memory matching game for your Instagram likes. We actually just built the game for fun, so we’re blown away by the response so far. I can’t believe someone actually has over 30,000 grams (points in the game) already. Who‘s going to be the first to 50,000?

This post is to help give a few tips & tricks on how to play the game and get higher scores. These tips come from Cathy and me, as well as from the top scorers on…

The hunt for the perfect invite system for Hum

I’m curious if anyone else does this, but I’ve been using Medium privately to store notes for myself and for my teammates. I used to write on iA writer, but ever since Medium came out (disclaimer: I was a designer at Medium) I’ve been so head-over-heels for the beautifully designed editor (props to the design team!) that I’ve found myself doing my long note taking and research here instead. I thought it was a unique way to take advantage of Medium and wanted to share!

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to publish some old notes that I’ve taken…

Dann Petty

pro surfer (web), hosting @epicurrence, previously @luxevalet @obviouscorp @medium,,

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