The three artists I chose were the coin engraver, Mr. Yannie Rumbaoa, actress, Mrs. Nova Villa and Angel Hernandez Bisquera a free lance artist.

All of them are very creative and blessed with different beautiful talents which makes them unique in their own ways. They worked and strived hard to achieve their goals in life despite difficulties and delays. I am sure that the people they love are very much proud of them. As what I have said, everyone is creative in their own peculiar ways. Ways that make them well-known and distinct. Just like the first artist, Mr. Yannie, he is the first filipino coin engraver and worked for how many years in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Second is the actress, Ms. Nova Villa who was only discovered by Mr. Fernando Po Jr. who is now her close friend. Lastly, the freelance artist, Ms. Angel who is a co-owner of a coffee shop and also owns an art botique. They are all creative but their differences are their passion, the things they do in life, experiences that they encountered all throughout their journey. They all followed their heart to do something that can be considered as a career and ay the same time, their interests. All the works of artists make a huge contribution to the society because it entertain and give happiness to people. Their works give hope to others in order for them to achieve their goals and follow their heart. They serve as an inspiration to other people to work hard for their dreams in life.

It is good to set your goals and to follow your heart because it normally yields the right result. One day, I wanna be successful and happy by being creative, passionate, curious, involved, industrious and hardworking like what the artists possessed when they took their step on the way to their dream.

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