Pasinaya 2016 is an annual event held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines every first sunday of the month of February.

Here you can see a variety of performances with a variety of cultures and kinds to a variety of audiences. Every since I was in 2nd year highschool, me and my friends always go there to have fun and also to bond. It serves as our time to reunite inspite of the very busy schedules we have for school.

Well as a folkdancer in my previous school, I really enjoy the performances made by different people from different schools but it isn’t just dance or sing, there is also a theatre where acting and singing can be seen at the same time.

The best performer for me and has the highest number of fans there is the UP madrigal singers. I just enjoy watching them and I feel so relaxed and in peace. Their voices are like angels fallen from above.

All in all, my stay in Pasinaya had been such a great and fun experience and what’s better is that I get to experience it with my friends and classmates. I left the place with an open mind and a happy face. :)

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