Reflection: Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna is is a 2015 Filipino historical film by Jerrold Tarog. This story is all about depicting Antonio Luna’s leadership of the Philippines Revolutionary Army during the Philippine-American War. Well at first, since this movie is about one of our heroes in history, I expected this movie would be serious and boring but I was wrong. The director knows how to balance the feelings of the movie because at some point it is really serious but the director made it funny and very humorous that’s why I got more interested as the movie went on.

I have encountered Heneral Luna when I was in high school through studying his life and I never knew how valuable the things he did were. I only appreciated what General Luna did when I saw the movie itself. Now I know the experiences that the Filipinos went through with the Americans. I realize how lucky I am of what I have and what I am into right now.

I can somehow relate to the story because the movie includes the government where it underestimates the power of other people that is why there are misunderstandings and a lot of arguments. What I hate about the story is that Filipinos and their fellowmen should be together against all odds but they ended up as enemies instead of working together to have they country freed and get the Americans out of their lives. Plus, the one who gives freedom and hope to other people gets killed by those who are blinded by the Americans.

All in all Heneral Luna is a really great and inspiring film to all Filipinos. It has opened the hearts and minds of million citizens of what happened in our history during Heneral Luna’s time and how he protected and defended our coutnry from the Americans which others lacked to do.

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