Who said it? John McDonnell or @CorbynSuperFan?

Both could easily be described as Corbyn Super Fans but who said it first?

“Jeremy, we love you buddy, don’t let the shadowy Portland shits get you down.”

“The plotters are effective in distorting the media coverage because they have extensive contacts and allies in the media, many inherited from Mandelson’s days.”

“He [Jeremy] is always looking over his shoulder, wondering what Mandelson is doing in the wings.”

“This polling took place back in November and its results were only accessible to a small number of party officials.”

“You’re talking about polls run by biased polling companies that attack Jeremy just to protect their own interests. These guys know that if Jeremy gets to Number 10, tax cheats are going to be first against the wall.”

“The media then invented the story that the polling on the perception of Shadow Cabinet members in the north west was the Party testing the perceptions of potential successors to Jeremy.”

“The coup plotters are willing to sacrifice the Party at elections just to topple Jeremy and prevent a socialist leading the Party.”

“This is the testing time for the Corbyn transformation.”

“Let’s speed up on the deselection, reselection process or as I call it, clearing out stubborn shit.”

“Assassinate Thatcher”

To voters in Copeland whose jobs rely on nuclear industry: “Dudes, do you prefer all-out nuclear war, or nuclear waste fucking up your kids’ brains or just getting another job?”

To unite Ireland: “the ballot, the bomb and the bullet”.