Guidelines to the obvious

For the Open Beta version (0.0.1) of SPOT & SPOT PRO, we decided to write 2 user guides.

It’s all about booking so we wrote 2 iBooks, obviously

Coming up with the idea

It all started with 2 great books: Insanely Simple & Contagious.

Once finished reading them, a problem called “what’s next?” popped up (the type you got when Breaking Bad was over), leading me to fear I might never find more books that are as interesting and inspiring as the ones I had just finished reading.

With a cautious optimism, I opened the iBooks Store and started browsing around the recommended lists of all sections.

In the “Computers” section’s most recommended, I stumbled upon an iPhone & iPad user guides, which I thought were a “how to build an iPhone/iPad app” user guides, just to find out they were user guides, explaining how to use the best user interfaced devices known to mankind.

That’s when I decided to write 2 iBooks for the SPOT/PRO 0.1 version launch. It’s all about booking anyway.

How to write an iBook?

Open google, write “how to write an iBook?”. ->a free app named “iBooks Author” will appear there. That’s how.

The iBooks Author app is super intuitive and easy to use. and yes, there’s an iBook user guide explaining how it works as well.

You can add videos to your iBook, which is an awesome thing on its own given the fact that books are usually made into videos or vice versa and here they hangout together in perfect harmony.

We also added Contact us & Download links within the iBook content, because we can.

Uploading an iBook to the iBooks Store

That actually was the tricky part.

Though the iBooks Author app is very clear on HOW to upload the books once they’re ready, we stumbled upon technical issues with creating the correct apple account for content publishing. On Apple, you can’t have both Apple developer account AND Apple content publisher account. Apparently J.K. Rowling can’t write code or something.

Luckily, a great friend, named Alec Molloy, who already had a content account with Apple agreed to help us and we thank him very much for that. ❤


Just like the apps, the iBooks are free of charge. They were also made to support 2 apps we created just to free time.



We are absolutely, 100% certain that the apps are as simple to use as they can possibly be, however, if the best UI devices known to mankind have user guides, why can’t we?

Available for free-Download now

BOOK Appointments / BOOK of PRO by SPOT Team

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