Pivot : The 5 Year Startup Journey So Far

Chapter 1

October 22nd, 2012. Tel-Aviv. Inside a car.

The phone call was made over speaker. On the other end of the line, no one was rushing to answer — and as the phone kept ringing, I knew that no one would pick up.

I had attempted to call my manicurist — who never picks up the phone, she’s busy — and surely enough, I knew, the next time I’d remember to call her will be in the middle of the night, when it’s totally not cool to call.

“There’s got to be a better way to schedule myself into her bookings calendar,” I thought to myself.

Only, there wasn’t. Not out there — not a single solution which both my manicurist and I would be thrilled with.

I presented the idea to a few friends and told them that I think I should build an app to schedule myself into the much-coveted calendars of my favorite service providers and professionals, so that these folks wouldn’t even need to deal with it all, and I’d still snag an appointment when needed.

My friends are always the toughest critics of my ideas (who can blame them? I have a lot of ideas), yet this time, no one had anything bad to say about it. They all agreed it’s a great idea and that I should go for it.

One of the people I pitched the idea to is a well-known serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He also loved the idea so much so that the first piece of advice he gave me was to “find out why there isn’t anything like it yet. It’s too good and someone should have thought of it by now.” His second morsel of advice? “A co-founder is like a marriage. Choose wisely.”

I marched on, and asked my manicurist if she’d use an app such as the one I was thinking of — she was immediately on board. And so, began the journey of my startup.

Being the creative type, I wanted to bring a very talented designer I knew on board early in the game. We met, I told him about the idea and that it might be named “Spottend” (Spot + Attend). He agreed to be part of it, telling me “It’s going to be either ‘Spot’ or ‘Attend’, and it’s not going to be ‘Attend’.”


Coming from the startup world (I had spent almost three years as a product manager at a startup where I was one of its first employees), looking for a tech co-founder was the first item on my to-do list. My thinking was: I don’t write code. Apps are written in code. I needed a CTO.

A friend introduced me to another friend of his, who codes, saying he’d make a great CTO for my fledgling company. We met up, discussed, and decided to start working together. I invested my own money into the project, so we could build something. We got a lawyer and an accounting firm and founded SPOT Mobile LTD. on Feb. 7th, 2013.

The initial vision was always big enough — too big, for some. Six months in, I began meeting with investors to see what they think, what questions they’ll ask and what it’s like — standing in front of a bona fide investor and pitching them SPOT.

Chapter 2: Meeting investors for the first time, Co-Founder breakup and the official introduction of the SPOT product(s). Read it here.

Chapter 3: Taking SPOT off the air, becoming a solo-founder, dealing with feedback and the first product pivot we’ve ever made. Read it here.

Chapter 4: Meet “TOPRO: the map of the supertalented”, under-the-radar experiments and investor pitching-part 2. Available here.

Chapter 5: The story of our most recent pivot: Superr. The product, the clients, the branding, and more.

Chapter 6: The lesson of quality (hint: quantity has nothing to do with it), Superr’s first “Fans” and the return of the app

Chapter 7: What’s going on today, building a kick ass team tips and tricks, handling failure on the way to a possible success, and who gets to play our characters in the movie.

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