Pivot: The 5 Year Startup Journey So Far

Karin Elgai, Stylist, NYC // Image by: Liron Erel

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Chapter 6


Our team learned the hard way how hardwired we are on quantitative goals. Even when we knew that quality is our focus, we set high quantity KPI goals.

We failed in reaching them over and over again for two months before realizing that we asked (again) the wrong question.

If we’re quality focused, we’re not quantity based so our KPI’s aren’t in big numbers, but in high quality.

If quality is what we’re all about, Michelin became another one of our inspirations, bringing us to the realization that we need to build the tech version of manual Michelin.

We added 3 quality medals to Superr and each professional must have at least one to be visible on the platform.

In April 2017 we finally got the feedback we aimed for (and actually way more than that), for the first time since Rick (remember Rick, Barber, Maryland?).

Troy, Vincenza and Julius

We started by looking for 25 top Personal Trainers in NYC to join our professionals community. We scraped relevant websites, posted on CraigsList and developed a 22 criteria screening process to make sure only professionals of the highest quality get in.

Troy Brooks is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert. We interviewed Troy for our blog and he loved what Superr is all about from the moment we met. 2 weeks on Superr, brought Troy his 2nd Quality medal — the one you get when you have client endorsements. Troy had 25 clients endorsing him on his page, showing him how much they appreciate his talent in being a Superr worthy professional. Troy is the 1st to ever receive the 2nd quality medal.

Troy Brooks, Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, NYC. Image by Liron Erel

Vincenza Carovillano is a Makeup Artist. She broke Troy’s record by receiving 108(!) client endorsements in one week. She was also the first professionals to nominate 17 other excellent professionals to Superr. Her way is aligned with ours and on her interview, she said it best: “Do it for the love of your work.”

Vincenza Carovillano, Makeup Artist, NYC. Image by Liron Erel

Julius Michael is a Hair Stylist. He joined Superr thanks to Vincenza and in 24 hours got his Endorsed Medal with 16 endorsements on his page. He’s interview is coming soon.

Return of the app

We hit our planned mark and on Jan 2017 started working on Superr app. With a 3 week delay (that’s heaven in startup world), the scheduling feature went live during Q2/2017. In the meantime, our community and growth team in Tel Aviv and NYC are all about finding the best professionals for our Superr exclusive community.

→ Know anyone Superr worthy? Nominate them here

→ Download : Superr App for iOS

→ Download : Superr App for Android

Coming up on Chapter 7: What’s going on today, building a kick ass team tips and tricks, handling failure on the way to a possible success, and who gets to play our characters in the movie.

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