Jenny DeShields

I know that “ok-shmupid”. As a single lonely guy, I had tried it in the past and it’s pure nonsense: 90% of the profiles are faked, and the few which aren’t are either of stupid jerks who just want money, or bloody racists, or ultra-religious conservatives (of whatever stupid, baseless faith there is) or someone who misguidedly thinks, that 19,000-KM-flight is just too far for a relationship to work out…

But predominantly, the vast majority of those profiles are pure fiction and serve only one single purpose: to create the masc of “a working dating website”, in order to extract from people countless intimate details about themselves (via all those horrible “matching-questions”), either in order to sell it to the highest bidder, and/or to be delivered straight to the CIA, the NSA and the FBI.

And on a personal note: if you happen to perhaps being interested in possibly-meeting someone, who would never set foot in north-america (but is willing to meet someplace else) and does NOT wear an unnecessary shirts, talk to me!! :-)