The game has become the leading force of the Metaverse, Where is the ceiling of the Metaverse?

The “successor” of the Internet may have taken root in the gaming industry.

The term “Metaverse” was coined by science fiction writer Neil Stephenson in the 1992 novel “Avalanche.” In “Avalanche”, Metaverse is a very popular virtual world that is experienced in the first person by users equipped with augmented reality technology.

There are so many different explanations of the metaverse. In this article, we will start with five questions to understand the purest Metaverse and why it excites everyone.

This article focuses on:

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a “successor nation” of the modern Internet, with fewer restrictions on all access to the same content no matter where and how. The current online platform allows users to move freely within the scope of a specific service, but limits the interoperability between platforms.

Why are video games regarded as the forerunner of the Metaverse?

BITKRAFT is a venture capital fund that invests in game developers and focuses on the technology of Metaverse. The company describes Metaverse as a product of a growing “synthetic reality”-the increasing integration of the physical and digital worlds. Accelerate during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, gamers have started to socialize and create content on the corresponding network.

How close are we to the real Metaverse?

There are still many obstacles on the road to the real Metaverse, and the biggest obstacle is the hardware limitation.

What is the biggest challenge for Metaverse?

Interoperability. Currently, even so-called Metaverse predecessors such as “Fortnite” do not allow players to recreate their own user-generated content (UGC) on other platforms. In order to achieve true interoperability between platforms, companies that own these platforms must give up some control over their player content and user experience.

Why is blockchain technology important to Metaverse?

Bayer Lenz said: “I hope that, according to our plan, the future will be a truly decentralized future controlled by users as citizens. So far, the best solution may also be our current The only solution is the blockchain technology and applications built on Web3.”

Is Metaverse inevitable?

Maybe in the future users can easily know its existence on the Internet, but they will not switch to the Metaverse channel under all circumstances.

So, Metaverse may be really unstoppable.



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