Use artificial hedges to decorate your landscape

Artificial Hedges

Want to make your landscape more beautiful but no energy to maintain the plant?

It does not matter, the artificial hedge can help you solve this problem.

The artificial boxwood hedge is an artificial plant wall, which can easily isolate you from your neighbors, thus creating a good privacy space.

The boxwood panels of this boxwood hedge is made of PE and stainless steel frame, it is not only resistant to corrosion, but also has the role of anti-ultraviolet. They can be designed in a variety of sizes to facilitate the use of different occasions, in addition, they are very light, can also be easily moved.

However, because of such a large volume of artificial boxwood hedge, high labor costs, so the price is not so easy to accept. However, there has recently been a new simulation of poplar hedge on the market, which can be disassembled and assembled, saving a lot of shipping cost.

This product design clever, it can be assembled in 10 minutes success, and do not need professional knowledge and skills.

Imagine what kind of surprise expression will your visitors see when you use it to decorate your courtyard? They will certainly envy you, because your creativity and aesthetics of the whole family has brought a different color!

No maintenance, up to 5 years of life, close to the real appearance, how can this product can not let people heart?