The Present is Female and It’s Not Working…

What will be said in the history books about the constant “self massage” of today’s activists? Constantly we are bombarded with the dull thinking of intellectuals with utopian ideals who drink from the tit of capitalism in their high paying jobs and academic institutions all the while denouncing the evils of western civilization and free market capitalism. These people are a picture of the person who finishes the plate of food at a restaurant only to then complain to the manager that they want it taken off their check because they “didn’t care for it”.

The danger of today’s “dialogue” is that the fascistic tendency of the activists today close conversation or curb dialogue by attacking every bit of syntax in opposing views, demonizing them as the worst of society. You don’t agree with feminism in some undefined form? “Oh you’re a sexist misogynistic pig” you didn’t know?

Now again we have a resurrection of the dumbest ideas of the 6o’s and 70's where a bunch of kids played house with the home hard working Americans built. We see slogans of the past which had zero meaning but sounded grand and revolutionary. “The future is female!” (Right next to calls for equality somehow). Never mind that there’s no consistency in this thinking. This is a revolution!

Even more comical the people that are calling for this fools paradise refer to themselves as “awake” or better yet, a “ghettoized” version of the verb used in the past participle, “woke” (because that sounds “authentic”) never mind that it breaks one of their countless rules of “racial appropriation”… (if anyone is not familiar with this term, it’s the concept that races of one ethnicity have no right to use cultural aspects of another ethnicity because they aren’t that ethnicity and they are being insensitive)

Regardless of the do as I say not as I do religion among todays activists they continue to bring this “crayon refrigerator art” and demand its genius all the while affirming themselves by changing speech and language so it’s considered bigotry to disagree.

The foolish statement that “the future is female” is especially idiotic. Besides the fact that it doesn’t mean ANYTHING… you can still take into consideration that ideas are being abused to lean feminized today. Feelings matter more than ever. Adults are become children and these same “adults” demand that children forgo their innocence and have their ideas and desires be affirmed as if they were adults. You could call this anarchy but anarchy has even virtues over this. What feminism wants is a specific “burning down” of western ideas and traditions. They want the redefinition of love and family, of property and justice…

If you ask any feminist what they want ideally you’d find that they have argument with themselves about what they want vs what they are doing to get there. “We will be sexist to end sexism” … “we will be racist to end racism” … “we will destroy truth to realize truth”…

If this continues I’m going to print t-shirts that read “the future is childish” because that’s all they are. Children having a tantrum over the food they don’t want yet they have no clue how to make food….

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