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The life and posthumous appearances of David Belasco.

Today if you go to New York City you can see a Broadway show at the David Belasco theater.

And if you do, you just might run into the theater's namesake — David Belasco. And that’s really odd because David Belasco has been dead since 1931.

David Belasco has been dead since 1931.

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My family @ the David Belasco theater in NYC

David Belasco was one of the most prolific playwrights and Broadway producers in the history of American theater.

He wrote, produced, or directed more than 100 Broadway plays. By the age of 54 David Belasco knew an immense amount about how theaters run, he had strong opinions about how theaters should run, and he had the resources to build a Broadway theatre the way he wanted it. …

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Photo by Daniel Muuo on Unsplash

My quick notes on choosing a great activation function for a neural network.

Consider a neuron. All it does is calculate the sum of its “weighted” inputs and adds the bias on that:

y = ∑(weight∗input) + bias

Because Y can be any value from (-inf, +inf), activation functions are the deciding factor of whether a neuron should fire or not (be on or off, 0 or 1, etc.)

Why use an activation function? Well, there are a few good reasons, but the most important is that activation functions introduce non-linearity into the network. A neural network without activation functions is basically just a linear regression model and is not able to do more complicated tasks such as language translations and image classifications. …

Gathering data without those pesky databases

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Web scraping is a great way to create dynamic websites without having to contact a database for information.

To get started with web scraping, you should know how a website is structured. If you right-click on a page and click inspect (on Chrome), you can see the developer tools.

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This shows you the structure of the website’s HTML/CSS/JavaScript code, as well as network performance, errors, security, and much more.

Now, let’s say I want to grab the first image that you see on Twitter programmatically in the JavaScript console.

Well, I could right-click on the image, click inspect, right-click on the element in the dev tools, and copy the CSS selector. …


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