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The life and posthumous appearances of David Belasco.

Today if you go to New York City you can see a Broadway show at the David Belasco theater.

And if you do, you just might run into the theater's namesake — David Belasco. And that’s really odd because David Belasco has been dead since 1931.

David Belasco has been dead since 1931.

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Photo by Daniel Muuo on Unsplash

My quick notes on choosing a great activation function for a neural network.

Consider a neuron. All it does is calculate the sum of its “weighted” inputs and adds the bias on that:

y = ∑(weight∗input) + bias

Because Y can be any value from (-inf, +inf), activation functions are the deciding factor of whether a neuron should fire or not (be on or off, 0 or 1, etc.)

Why use an activation function? Well, there are a few good reasons, but the most important is that activation functions introduce non-linearity into the network. A neural network without activation functions is basically just a linear regression model and is not able to do…

Gathering data without those pesky databases

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Web scraping is a great way to create dynamic websites without having to contact a database for information.

To get started with web scraping, you should know how a website is structured. If you right-click on a page and click inspect (on Chrome), you can see the developer tools.

Quick tips for showing off your code beautifully

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Support for code on Medium has never been good — but here’s how to make it great.

If You Want People to Copy/Paste Your Code…

…definitely use GitHub gists or JSFiddle snippets.

To use gists, I would highly recommend installing the Code Medium Chrome extension. It takes away the hassle of creating, naming, and putting your code into the gist.

To actually insert the gist into your Medium piece, don’t copy and paste the embed script into your article.

You have to select the code symbol (<>) from the Medium paragraph options, paste the gist’s URL into the line, and press enter for your code to appear in…

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

You. Must. Do. This.

Hashing algorithms are one-way functions. They take any string and turn it into a fixed-length “fingerprint” that is unable to be reversed. This means that if the data is compromised, the hacker cannot get the user’s passwords if they were hashed because at no point were they ever stored on the drive without being in their hashed form.

Websites using hashing typically have this workflow:

  1. A user creates an account
  2. Their password is hashed and stored on the base
  3. When the user attempts to log in, the hash of their entered password is compared to the has stored in the…

It’s better than I imagined

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A while ago, I was trying to find something interesting to read about online when I bumped into Rust. Rust is …

“a language empowering everyone
to build reliable and efficient software.”

In short, it is a systems programming language. A freaky fast one, at that. It even outperformed C++ in many of the benchmarks tests run by The Computer Language Benchmarks Game (mostly having to do with complex algorithmic tasks like binary trees, etc).

Before I started to delve more into the language itself, though, I searched about to see what people were thinking of it. Rust was created…

An introduction to machine learning.

In machine learning, there are two main algorithms to get your computer to act smart: supervised and unsupervised learning.

In supervised learning, the computer is given data about the subject usually being inputs and outputs. The most common use of supervised learning is to classify objects. For example, I might give my computer a set of pictures of dogs and I want it to output 0 for Pekingese, 1 for Golden Retriever, and 2 for German Shepherd. To train this computer to recognize the dogs, I would give it millions of dog pictures with their respective numbers attached to each…

Back when I was using Ghost as my blogging platform, I had a problem. I wanted to keep my blog backed up, but I was too cheap to pay the extra $1 a month for Digital Ocean to do it for me.

Being me, I found a hacky way around paying.

I wrote a script to zip my ghost folder and push it up to my GitHub in some repo specifically for storing backups. Using cron, I made it run weekly. It worked great! …

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Let’s begin with the formal definition of recursion: “A function is recursive if it is defined in terms of itself”.

Or, in other words, a function is recursive if it calls itself.

The classic math example is the factorial function. The factorial of a number is the product of all whole numbers below it down to 1. This can also be restated as: the factorial of a number is itself multiplied with the factorial of itself minus one. The factorial of 0 is 1. The factorial function is denoted by an exclamation mark.

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TypeScript? Why? How?

Typescript is a programming language that compiles into JavaScript. This means that any valid JS (JavaScript) code is valid TS (Typescript). TS is a language for the developer. If you have every written a bunch of Javascript code and started to wonder, “hey, what was the type of that function parameter, again?”, you understand.

Typescript is “JavaScript that scales” meaning it enforces types on all variables/return values, allows for interface use, and much much more. Typescript also implements some feature that are supposed to come to Javascript in the future.

Getting Started

Typescript is a compiled language which means it needs a…

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