The Downfall of Political Discourse: Tribalism
Kyle Foley

“The problem is that by telling people they can’t associate with anyone on the “other side” we make it impossible to have any productive discourse.”

That’s the crux of the issue: they don’t want discourse. They’ve had it hammered into their heads by the Sean Hannitys, the Rush Limbaughs and Laura Ingrahams, the Bannonbart writers, that discourse is compromise, and compromise to ‘pure evil’ at that. On the flipside, you have the RT’s, the TYTs, the Olbermanns and Kohns and Maddows on the Left saying the same about them. That they’re backwards, barbaric, that they have no souls and want people to die so they can make money, that they’re brainwashed little peons of corporations and thus their views are invalid. They don’t want discourse. They don’t view these people as fellow Americans. They view them as enemies in a literal war for America’s soul, brought to you by Talk Radio and a decade of Ultra-Partisan Punditry.

At this point it’s almost gonna take a miracle to unite everyone again.

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