Why I don’t Want to Quit Coffee

First off, I am no quitter.
I love coffee, coffee memes, coffee jokes, all things about the drinking of this nectar of the Gods.

I really do not think I am addicted, I mean, I can quit at any time.
(do all addicts say that?)
Seriously though.
I could, but I don’t want to.

I will post some funny coffee meme and inevitably, I will have some well-intentioned person tell me, “Once I started taking xyz supplement, I stopped needing coffee, you should really try it.”

Good for you, you should really shut your trap!

I don’t want a supplement to replace something that is cheap, delicious and warms my soul.

What gratification do I get by swallowing a pill??

Does the pill smell amazing in the morning?
Does the pill warm my hands in the winter?
Does the pill have it’s own mega cafe on every corner of the world to get on wifi and socialize and try more pills?


Neither do any other “energy drinks” that replace coffee.

I don’t need coffee.

I want coffee.

I want the experience, the warm cup…

In fact, don’t you DARE give me a sleeve on my cup, I will rip that shit right off so I can wrap my hands around that warm cup.

I don’t need coffee.

I want to meet a friend and have the experience of conversation and something to sip on while I listen.

I want to stare out a window and feel emo while I tap away on my laptop.

Coffee makes me sophisticated and fun.

Please people. Take your supplements and your energy drinks and shove it. My coffee is here to stay.

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