2 YouTubers who used crowdsourcing for good

The influence that YouTubers have is increasing at an incredible rate. This is allowing creators to make a great living out of doing what they love. For some, this is also an opportunity to leverage that influence to do good.

Note: Know of any other awesome examples of this? Let me know and I’ll add them to the article!

1. Christian Guzman: Food donations

Fitness YouTuber and clothing brand founder, Christian Guzman recently revealed details for a last-minute meet up in Dallas, Texas. Instead of selling tickets for the event or having fans pay for expo tickets to meet the rising YouTube star, Guzman requested one thing: subscribers had to bring at least 1 item of canned food with them.

Christian Guzman and his entourage (Chris Jones, Javon Alvin & Shawley Coker) were greeted by 100s of fans.

100s of fans showed up with food to donate

After collecting all of his fans’ donations, Christian Guzman donated over 700lbs canned food to a local food bank.


2. Casey Neistat: Crowdfunding medical bills

Filmaker and YouTube mega-star, Casey Neistat recently released a video asking viewers to donate to a crowdfunding campaign he set up for his long-time friend and UPS delivery guy, Marlan Franklyn. The fund was set up to raise money for Marlan’s sister, who is battling diabetes and severe kidney disease at home in the Caribbean.

Neistat removed is glasses for this serious moment

The video racked up nearly 3 million reviews and the donations totalled $151,797 of the original $125,000 goal. The pair decided to donate the surplus to “3 extremely reputable non-profits that help people who are in need just like [Marlan’s] sister”.

No. Thank YOU!

It’s amazing to see YouTubers putting their influence to good use and calling on their fans to help a greater cause.

If you know of any similar examples, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list!