The creative, innovative side of humanity needs the structured side. Creativity without structure is too chaotic to be understood. Music needs to have a melody, otherwise it’s just noise. Structure without creativity becomes dead and hardened. Live exclusively from either side, and you’re a cyclops. You’re missing half of the view.

We’re seeing a division grow between these two modes of being in our society. The liberals don’t understand the conservatives and vice-versa because they are seeing the world from different points of view. This isn’t so bad if we keep talking to each other, but we’re losing the desire to talk to each other. Worse, we’re losing the ability to listen to each other. Just watch yourself next time someone on the other end of the political spectrum comes on the screen. How long is it before you’ve already made up your mind about that person and what they think?

This is dangerous because our disagreements don’t go away when we repress them. They come out later in an unhealthy and often destructive way. Shadows can only exist in the dark. What you repress comes out one way or another, on the individual and societal level.

A few questions I’ve been asking: How can we disagree with one another without it resulting in conflict? Can we disagree with someone while simultaneously respecting them? Do we have the courage to be the one to offer respect first?

We have to find out soon, because a house divided against itself cannot stand.