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Don’t Let Your 2018 End Like 2017, Take Action Now.

Happy new year to you (except you’re reading this from China).

Let me ask…

Have you ever felt like there was so much you knew you could do but just felt you weren’t confident enough to do them? Your wishes and greatest ambitions always slip through your fingers as fear and a lack of self-belief just keep you fixated to a spot.

I have. Often.

But last year marked the beginning of a new era.

2017 was a great year in terms of both failures and successes. However, something interesting happened for the first time in my life. It was the first year I was able to translate my thoughts into ACTIONS. And I’m ready to show you how.

I’m calling it “The Achieve Program” because it’s the foundational step in an entirely new system I’m developing for entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives to master their mindset and lifestyle.

What we are trying to accomplish with this program:

“Achieve” is designed to help you pinpoint exactly what you are afraid of — and then teach you how to create overcome such fear to ensures you get the results you want — with materials that I’ve spent the last 9 years working on.

The Achieve Program will help you through the process of discovering who you are, making more money and living at the edge of your potential without crashing and burning in the process.

How we’ll accomplish it:

The basic concept is very simple: weekly emails from Monday to Friday.

Every weekend, you will answer some specially prepared questions that will introduce you to your true self. There would also be a workbook, some books for additional reading and videos to explain some of these concepts to you. Furthermore, you will get a lifetime access to all of the course’s content.

1. Deep secrets about life: I’ve been studying most of what I would teach for almost 10 years now. I’ve counselled a lot of people who have gone on to live the lives they’ve always wanted. Not where I want to be, but I’m on my way. If you’re struggling to figure out how to come out of your shell and live boldly, I can show you how. The proof is in the pudding.

2. 5 Books: I’d also be giving out five books that have helped me become more confident, a better communicator and financially prudent. In addition, I will give you a book that will teach you how to sell regardless of the field you’re in. As you know selling has changed. We are no longer in the age where only a few select people sell. Learning this skill will determine how much money you earn in the short and long run.

3. The Workbook: This workbook contains time-tested questions that will help you on the road to self-discovery. It also employs concepts like visualization and affirmation in a whole new level. This workbook could go for as much as $200 and I’ll still be short-changing myself.

4. Community of winners: Keeping this simple. I’ll make a private Facebook group and add videos there from time to time. This will also help us to build a community of achievers that are connected. I’ve made the price affordable ($300) but slightly uncomfortable. That means people who don’t care/don’t participate won’t join and I’ll be even more encouraged to deliver quality material for you on a weekly basis. Because you deserve it.

In essence, Achieve consists of daily strategic letters for your life and confidence + a workbook + a new group of incredible friends.

Seems legit. Very legit.

How to join the waitlist:

If you’d like to be added to the waitlist, please submit your info here and I’ll notify you when seats open.

  • Price: it’s $300 one-time payment, but there’s a 50% discount if you pay before the end of January.
  • How long does the program last?: 4 weeks.
  • How many people are in the program?: I’m accepting only 30 people after which, I have to close it. 10 spots have already sold via word-of-mouth. Which means we have 20 left. We have to keep it small so that everybody gets value for their money. That naturally caps the amount of money the program will make. I’m much more concerned with creating a program that actually works for you.
  • Do I need to prep anything for the letters?: No, but I will be sharing ideas with you each week that you’ll want to follow up on. So be sure to take notes.
  • When does it start?: the program officially opens February 5th, 2018 at 7pm WAT.
  • Once I join, what’s next?: I’ll follow up with you over the next few days via email to confirm all the details. then we are off to the races. If you’re ready to go, I’m ready to help you. Let’s make 2018 a year of incredible growth. I want you to look back and be surprised at how far you’ve come.

And I’ll be in the corner, slow-clapping in the shadows. Because I knew you could do it. And I’ll also be patting myself on the back for developing such an awesome program. But you’re not supposed to know that.

Add Your Name to the Waiting List

Achieve is opening February 5th, 2018.

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2018 is already in the bag.

I question things. Always.