Plyometrics — A High Intensity Workout

Danny Zelouf serves as president of Zelouf International, a designer and manufacturer of knit and woven fashion fabrics. Under Danny Zelouf’s guidance, Zelouf International has become a leading supplier to providers of sportswear and evening wear.

In his spare time, Zelouf likes to charge up with plyometrics, a high-intensity workout that involves a regimen of hopping and jumping. This form of exercise is good training for sports that rely on quick moves, such as tennis, basketball, and volleyball.

Popular plyometric moves include one-leg hops and jump squats. Although special equipment is not needed, props including cones or blocks of foam can be used to enhance plyometric workouts. Plyometric exercises are typically done outdoors on soft grass or indoors on a gym mat.

Plyometric workouts are best suited to persons who are already very fit and are able to mix the jumping moves into other types of workouts. Working with a trainer can help ensure proper form, which helps prevent injury.

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