Interview Materials

Making a strong first impression is a crucial aspect of meeting potential employers at the beginning of the interview process. Employers may decide in a matter of seconds if they think you are fit to be a part of their organization. Maintaining professional body language and using stories to describe how you have grown and would be an asset to the company are good tools to establishing that strong first impression. Presenting yourself in a professional manner is pivotal in starting off on the right foot .

Professional Self-Introduction

Hi my name is Danny Eggerichs and I am currently preparing for my senior year at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I am in the Labovitz School of Business and Economics and I am majoring in Financial Markets. I am passionate about investments and the stock market and am very excited to bring my strong analytical skills into the professional environment. I am hard working, dependable, and always looking to gain more knowledge within the finance industry.

S/TARS Examples

Situation/Task: This past year I was still somewhat uncertain of the absolute path in which I wanted to go down career-wise. After spending some time researching stocks and watching the stock market I realized that I would like to try to apply for the Financial Markets Program. I realized this in early December and applications for the program were due in January where I would have to give a presentation pitching a stock that I thought was a must-buy. Due to just realizing my interest, I knew very little about stocks and only had a short time before I had to apply and present.
Action: I immediately went to work, researching and studying everything I could to broaden my knowledge and learn as much as I could in a short amount of time. I watched videos, read books, studied websites, and even reached out to professionals in the industry whom which I had a previous relationships with already. I became very dedicated and driven to become as sufficient as possible.
Result: I learned a great deal about the financial markets industry by working my hardest to gain perspective about the stock market. I applied and put together a presentation that was very well done. I presented my stock pitch and eventually was accepted into the program.
Situation/Task: When I was working at Barkley Landscapes we had a week where there was an overwhelming amount of jobs to do because of upper management taking on too many projects at one certain point in time. We did not have enough manpower and time to get all the jobs done before their deadlines.
Action: Two of my coworkers and myself decided to put in extra overtime that week to try and meet the deadlines of the projects. I ended up working my normal 40 hours and an extra 40 hours of overtime because I was driven to meet our goals and deadlines.
Result: Due to myself and my coworkers putting in those extra hours, we met all project deadlines and even had a few hours to spare and make sure everything was perfect.
Situation/Task: While I was working at Earthcare Lawns, we had a customer who came out while we were mowing and started screaming that we had cut her grass too short last time out and that her grass was dying.
Action: In a very calm and professional manner I used my communication skills by apologizing and promised her that we would rectify the way that we maintained her lawn.
Result: Our customer was very happy with our adjustments and continued to use us as her lawn service.
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