Too Big to Fail is Failure Guaranteed
Edan Yago

In the end, a hard fork will be subject to the same consensus any other transaction, in the same way as an update would be. It may or may not be a problem depending on whether human consensus (will the majority decide to fork?) is seen as acceptable.

Personally, since Ethereum isn’t yet a finished product, I don’t see a problem as long as the end result is more solid.

But his issue raises another problem: many in the community want a perfect system right now, without wait.

The blockchain is not a sacrosanct ideology, it’s a computerised system, with the same caveats as other systems and should be considered as such when it comes to its maturation and development.

There is no contest about seeing Ethereum or other crypto-platforms as tools, which can be used in any way possible. Only, to this day, they are evolving tools and their making implies patience, experiments and, yes, failures in order to provide polished end results which will, in time, minimise the risk of exploits. After all, even guns even guns come with a safety.

I wouldn’t pronounce Ethereum doomed in either case -that is, ‘wait and see’ might help, panic wise.

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