Casey Neistat Quits Daily Vlogging

After almost 600 episodes, film-maker and YouTube personality Casey Neistat has announced today that he is ending his beloved daily vlogs.

Casey began the last of his vlogs by quickly stating that “this is not clickbait”, diminishing any hope that this might be a cruel joke (I wish it were). There are many reasons behind why the YouTuber has decided to do away with his highly successful daily vlogging series. One of the main reasons being that after 18 solid month of uploading it has now become… easy.

Casey’s Final Vlog

What started as an experiment to challenge himself creatively quickly became one of the most successful video series on YouTube, in September alone his channel raked in an incredible 1.1 million subscribers! However, Neistat says that he has entered into a creative complacency, the “Creative Fist-Fight” that he wanted every single day is no longer a challenge having found his rhythm to uploading daily vlogs.

Neistat compared the risk of giving up the enormously successful vlog to when he was 19 years-old quitting his job in Connecticut and running off to New York City with nothing but a dream to become a film maker. But Casey goes on to explain that continuing the vlog would be like “holding on to that one vine in the jungle and not reaching for what’s next.”

If anything the vlog has opened up a world of opportunity that I’m sure Casey himself would never thought was possible, he could play it safe and continue dedicate 16 hours a day to the vlog or reach out for that next vine which will further his career.

By no means is this the end of Casey on YouTube.

If he can produce 600 videos, gain 5 million subscribers and be watched over 1 Billion times all within 18 months, with the last 6 months not being a creative challenge, then I for one am excited to see what he can achieve when he really pushes himself.

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