A 2k18 Survival Guide

Entering into a new year with the right mindset is the key to making it to the next year.

Now I am not one to hype up New Years. I really don’t like the whole, “new year new me” thing. I also am not a huge fan of all the resolutions people make and break within the first few weeks or that they wait for New Years to come to change their life. However, that being said I do appreciate the fresh breath you can take when entering a New Year. It’s like taking a shower and cleansing yourself after 365 days of dirt and muck. And 2017 was a rough year for the world.

Terrorist attacks were in the news seemingly everyday and I don’t like to admit it but I found out about most of them due to Snapchat. That’s about the most millennial way to receive such news. But it became so common to see them I can vividly remember texting my friends saying, what is going on right now? I was just confused about how common they seemed to become through the year. I can recall just after the horrific shooting in Las Vegas(a place I would move to just 3 weeks after) there was another deadly shooting in Texas, at a church. I mean just days apart from one another. Before that there were attacks in Paris and many other places. I can’t recall each of them but that should speak volumes in and of itself. I shouldn’t have to remember every attack that happened because we shouldn’t be talking about them like it’s apart of daily life. It is a constant and grim reminder that this isn’t a perfect world. And man last year the news was littered with chaotic attacks and it was a hard pill to swallow.

There were many changes in the political world and all of which I don’t recall. I don’t pay attention to the news. Sorry to say but that is the truth. I did vote, and I pay taxes but that’s about as much as I am involved in the government. I think there is too much negativity and too much bullshit news. Not just Fox and CNN, but also those “news” sources like E!News and fake bullshit like that. I dislike those types of tv shows very much. I honestly can’t wrap my head around how they are so popular, when all they do is try to start drama. As far as I can see they are talentless people praying on the smallest mistake of someone and making money off them. That is pure scum shit and I am ranting aren’t I? Sorry about that. I get caught up into those types of things and you can see how much I am not a fan of them. I follow after my dad when it comes to going off on news like that. Anyways the politics of America seem to be relatively the same. It’s a bunch of things I don’t understand mixed in with controversy after controversy but I know the world moves on and I am still breathing. Spoken like a true 20 year old but I admittedly am pretty ignorant to government and not in a rebellious way but so I can be happy.

Ok, negative things out of the way! Here’s what 2017 did do that was sick and then we’ll get to how to survive 2k18. Leggo. In 2017 we saw a total coast to coast solar eclipse. Ok well that’s all for 2k17 and now let’s talk about ‘18.

I’m obviously kidding about that. There were many great things about two thousand seventeen but it would take me a fortnight and a half to list them so I am going to be lazy and just not. By the way I didn’t even see the solar eclipse. I got scammed hard and nearly blinded trying to look. Anyways your mind is the most powerful tool at your disposal besides a jack hammer if you can afford one but for most of us your brain is just about the top tool and it’s free! So here we go into how to make 2018 your expletive.


  • Accept the fact that every year has its ups and downs.


  • Follow through with as much as possible.


  • Do the mirror test every single day.


  • Be consistent and constantly working towards something whether big or small it does not matter.


  • Early to rise early to go to bed. Ever heard of that? Yeah, don’t follow that rule. It’s dumb.


  • Take notice of habits you should break and create new ones.


  • Do something unexpected of yourself.

Lastly Eight

  • If you aren’t free and you know what that is for yourself, then start working on it.

The explanation of these tips and Ending

So going through the list in numerical order we obviously start with one. A year that has more ups then downs is categorized as good while the opposite yields the opposing results. Pretty straight forward. Many factors participate like how much one good thing is valued at compared to a bad thing. Do they cancel out or does one overrule the other. It’s a cats cradle of complexity. So to iron it out here’s this. Don’t worry too much about the bad things. Worry a little but always ask yourself the simple question, “but did you die?” And if you can ask yourself that then inadvertently you have already answered it. NEXT!

Numero dos, short and sweet. Follow through. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Start small and work your way up. Here’s a good trainer to get you moving in the right direction. My friend gave me this advice a year ago and it has led to me forming a habit out of it, but after you cook or eat, clean your dishes right away. It is something small but forces you to follow through and soon you’ll see that seeps into everyday life in other ways. NEXT!

The mirror test. By far my favorite test and again something very simple. You place yourself in front of a mirror like a narcissistic fool and look at your reflection and tell yourself you are the best. I’m kidding, don’t do that or you’ll turn into a Kardashian. And for those of you who aspire to be that, GET OUT OF HERE! Instead though look into the mirror and reflect back the truth of your day. Smile only when you know you did all you could that day and that you made good of every second you were awake. If you know you didn’t do the best you could then don’t you dare smile. It seems crude and mean but you need to be your toughest critic. People aren’t going to see all the behind the scenes footage of your life and they aren’t going to always tell you the truth. You know whether you gave it your all or not so don’t be afraid to hold yourself to a high standard. Don’t be so tough that you can never reach your goal or you’ll start to feel sorry for yourself and that’s even worse then being Kim K or any of those other people. Just be honest in your evaluation and you will improve on the daily.

Four. Consistency and busy. Again kind of like following through, you should have a routine. Not to the point like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho but have something consistent about your day. Like maybe the same breakfast or a path you take to work. Again these are all fine tuned over time but add that so even when days aren’t going so smooth you can feel comfort in something. And everything is taken with a grain of salt and not so literally. You don’t need to plan every second of your life but without a little structure you will crumble indefinitely.

Early to bed, early to blah blah blah. Fuck that. Excuse my language, just joking I don’t apologize. This rule gets on my nerves. You should enter every day not in morning, noon, afternoon and night fashion but as 24 hours. If it helps change your clocks to military time and live each day as just a set amount of hours. The beauty in military time is after 24 hours are up you have a brand new fresh set ready for you to either capture or waste. And if you say you can’t just do that because you have a job to go to that starts everyday at 7am and the commute is 45 minutes and you need to make coffee and all this other shit so you need to rise early, then here’s three things for you. One. You are wasting your life. Two. Is that what you really dreamed about when you were a kid? Doubt it. Three. Fuck you. I have no sympathy for those who make an effort to sabotage their own life and bring others down with them because they are trapped in societal beliefs. I am not here to be your mentor or happy go lucky guide. I am telling you things you need to hear without any regard for emotions. Brutal honesty. I’m not Canadian so I’m not going to say sorry.

Six-o! Do you smoke, bite your nails, crack your knuckles, excessively swear(me), sleep too much, or anything you know is dumb? It’s time to change and this unfortunately follows the trend of new year new me. But break them. Yeah, super easy for me to say hiding behind a phone screen and thinking it’s just that easy. Well first of all it is that easy and second I’ve broken many bad habits and this year I shall tackle even more so join me in the fun. Ok, honestly it’s not that fun for the first week but I swear survive one week and you’ll be in the clear. I can’t speak for smokers and I’m sure that’s harder then some of the things I’ve quit but just remember it’s your fault you started smoking in the first place so get off the pity wagon and just grind out one week. Any side effects and shit are all from you and can be beaten if you are mentally strong. NEXT!

7.) Possibly my favorite because it usually involves for myself, getting out of my comfort zone. That’s where growth takes place and that’s when life gets either really exciting or possibly super embarrassing but more then likely a positive experience. If you are a husband that never cooks for your family, cook. If you are a shit nosed kid and back talk your parents a lot, stop. Or if you are a stick up the ass and scheduled person, add some spontaneity to your life. Just do something that tests yourself and will ultimately lead to something great or at least something memorable.

Last but certainly not least, break free. I don’t have to tell you what it means to be free. You know what it is. And I have a simple test. If when I said change your clocks to military time and live each second to your liking and you laughed and said you can’t then you are not free. If you can not choose for yourself where to be at 1am or 1pm then you are not free. And yes it is not as simple as quitting your job right then and there and just being free, but you need to start the process by realizing it’s a choice. It will take time and more then likely more then the entirety of 2018 but without the first step you will never ascend the mountain. After all and this is stolen, it is the small steps that eventually climb mountains. Gracias, thank you, and all other way of saying that. Happy 2k18 people and make it your bitch, peace.