CELEBRATE: Massive turnout for Danone Manifesto

On July 7, 2015, we invited every one of our employees to the unveiling of our Manifesto, a core text that defines our convictions and commitments. Gathering at every Danone site around the world, some 70,000 of our people were united by live video — all coming together at the same time on the same day to participate in this extraordinary event.

Danone Day was celebrated at every Danone site around the world

But the purpose of this year’s Danone Day wasn’t simply to ratify the Manifesto. We also wanted to make our employees a part of this unique, company-wide conversation and give the members of our Executive Committee an opportunity to share the message of the Manifesto as well. Employees were also invited to voice their ideas and their goals for the company — and they did, very enthusiastically.

July 7 also marked the beginning of a new adventure. Manifesto Voice, a new digital platform created as part of the Danone Day event, has now become a forum of choice for employees, attracting nearly a thousand ideas inspired by our commitments and convictions, and creating a surge of energy within the company. Next milestone: a new Danone Day, slated for June 2016.

Emmanuel Faber, Danone CEO, and Lorna Davis, Danone’s Chief Manifesto Catalyst
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