CERTIFICATION: Towards a more collaborative governance

In December 2015, we signed a partnership agreement with B Lab, an international non-profit that promotes an engaged, responsible model for entrepreneurship. B Lab has already awarded B Corp certification — that’s B as in “best for the world” — to over 1,400 companies in 42 countries. Now the challenge is to expand the program to include listed multinationals. Under this unique partnership, we’ll share our experiences with each other and inject new energy into the corporate responsibility certification movement.

The agreement with B Corp is based on an “open source” philosophy, reflecting Danone’s commitment to developing a more collaborative model of governance with a larger community of stakeholders. We’ll contribute lessons we’ve learned from Danone Way, the social impact assessment program we launched in 2001 to measure our dual commitment to business success and social progress. And the partnership will allow us to compare our methods and practices with those of outside partners, thus enhancing our own assessment system. In all, ten Danone subsidiaries will serve as pilot companies for development of B Lab’s new certification.

A partnership expanding B Corp certification to multinationals

Learn more about Danone’s 2015 activities here.

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