PROTECT: Learning to manage allergies

Childhood allergies are extremely stressful for parents: some infants cry constantly, and getting an accurate diagnosis can take a long time. Arranging for treatment, getting insurers to cover medical expenses, and keeping children on the right diet when they’re in childcare, at school or elsewhere outside the home is a huge challenge, leaving many parents overwhelmed.

Nutricia can help. Our Neocate Expert Care program focuses on cow’s milk protein allergy, which affects 3% of youngster worldwide and is becoming more prevalent: the condition now affects more children and lasts longer. Geared around Neocate, Nutricia’s flagship product, the program offers a whole range of products for children up to age 10, as well as support services for families, training programs for health professionals and results from clinical analysis. Neocate Expert Care includes a telephone support service and a website, providing information, advice and contact with other parents facing the same challenges. In 2015 we launched Neocate Footsteps in the US, a program focusing particularly on insurance problems, and we’ve now launched a Chinese version. Though 500,000 new cases of cow’s milk protein allergies are reported in China every year, families must often make 10–20 doctor’s visits before they get the right diagnosis. Nutricia has also developed awareness-raising and training programs for doctors, and 82% of China’s health professionals now recommend Neocate as part of their strategy for managing food allergies. Country by country, Neocate Expert Care is responding to the needs and concerns of both parents and healthcare professionals to meet its primary goal — making life as normal as possible for allergic children and their loved ones.

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