RECRUIT: Scouting for talent

In emerging countries and other competitive job markets, attracting talented people can be a challenge. At Danone, we use talent scouts to make the most of our strengths — but instead of looking for a candidate to fill a specific job opening, the scout identifies a person who seems to be compatible with our company. Employee ambassadors then begin to build a relationship with the candidate, introducing him or her to our mission, our convictions and our culture. If we find a good match, the process can result in a new hire.

By making our company the primary focus, we will attract people who are naturally drawn to Danone’s culture and goals. After successful pilots in Asia and Latin America, we’ve now created a small team of dedicated talent scouts. And this is only the beginning: in time, our scouting program could expand to include every one of our employees.

A new campaign attracts talent from all over the world
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