Serving Families with the DanOn program

Between the demands of school and work and the lure of computers and smartphones, the table is one of the few places where a family can be together. But for meals to be a source of pleasure and togetherness, they must be easy to prepare and enjoyable for the whole family — without sacrificing basic nutrition. Bottom line: family meals need to strike the right balance between pleasure and health.

In response, we designed DanOn, a website and mobile app combination that makes life easier for families by helping them prepare healthy, tasty, convenient meals. Users can search for everyday recipes based on available ingredients, or get inspiration from customized menu suggestions generated by an intelligent algorithm. Developed by Danone, the algorithm factors in nutritional criteria and makes it easy to plan balanced meals quickly, without complex calorie counts or nutrition lessons. DanOn also stores the family’s ingredient preferences and favorite recipes, and the more you use it, the more it “learns.” Over time, its suggestions become even more customized. When you select a recipe, DanOn converts it into a shopping list that you can print or store in your smartphone — and it even offers discount coupons for Danone dairy products. Originally launched in France in 2015, the DanOn app has been downloaded over 150,000 times, and it is now available in Poland, Hungary and Canada. In 2016 it will launch in the United States, Mexico and Italy.

Learn more about Danone’s 2015 activities here.

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