The Andela Bootcamp isn’t only about solving technical challenges but also about improving on your soft skills. Andela embodies values known as EPIC(Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration). Therefore as an aspiring Andelan, you are expected to learn those values right from bootcamp. I came in on Monday hoping to give my best to every task and in the process I have met some other colleagues who I perceive have the same aspirations as I do.

Ayodeji Moronkeji, gives off an appearance of whom most people in this part of the world will call “SU”. I thought he would be one serious dude just staring away at his computer trying to find non-existent bugs but I wasn’t completely right. Though he debugged his codes at one point in the self-learning-day-0 output, yet he still went about it calmly but not as serious as I thought he would be. The striking thing about him is he calmly helped me out with my tests when I got out of my wits end in self-learning-day-0. This young man from Osun state and a graduate of Computer Science from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, calmly sat beside me and we worked through the code and tests again. Though not all tests eventually passed but I was grateful for his efforts and time spent.

Enter Isioye Mohammed, on observation he looked like a timid guy that wasn’t sure of what his next steps would be in front of the computer but little did I know that he would be the first person to finish the self-learning-day-0 output in my group and he was cool about it all. He went round helping other team mates with installing dependencies to make their codes run properly and at the end of the day they looked better for it. He eventually helped me too with my tests on the day and I was quite glad with his input and time spent. He is a graduate of Computer Science too from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Akhere Ihenyen, another bootcamper comes across as a not-too-serious guy but believe me when I say he got his stuff cut out for him. Underneath his laughs and questions, he tries to factor in doing the right thing at the right time while still making others around him laugh. He is an easy going guy and a graduate of Systems Engineering, University of Lagos.