Avalon The Game: Reflecting on the Alpha Era — A 2023 Recap

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4 min readDec 31, 2023
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As we bid farewell to December, we celebrate the remarkable milestone of Avalon’s Alpha being live for an entire year! Join us in a nostalgic journey down memory lane, thanking all our dedicated players, supporters, and developers for an incredible year of growth and adventures.

As Avalon’s development and initial game design took flight in early 2022, the project ambitiously assembled its development team throughout the year. The goal was set to deliver the Alpha version featuring a single village and a single raid to players by January 2023, all while integrating with two leading blockchains. This was undoubtedly an ambitious plan, but one that fueled the dedication and determination of our team.

Building a World Together: The Early Days of Avalon

In January 2023, Avalon embarked on its journey with passes limited to a select 250 players. Among them were MMORPG veterans, each bringing decades of gameplay experience to the table. Every item offered to these pioneers held immediate utility within the game, albeit restricted to the capabilities of the Alpha technical test.

In these early months, hundreds of players collaborated closely with our team. Together, they ventured into the game’s depths, tirelessly hunting bugs, fine-tuning character dynamics, and balancing weapons to shape the evolving world of Avalon. This shared dedication laid the foundation for the immersive experience that continues to captivate players today.

Empowering Player Involvement: A Unique Aspect of Avalon

What truly distinguishes Avalon is the active engagement of its player community in the development process. For many of our players, this opportunity marks a first and, quite possibly, a singular chance to contribute their ideas to an MMORPG project. The collaborative synergy between developers and players has become a defining feature, turning Avalon into a realm shaped not only by its creators but also by those who adventure within its virtual landscapes.

When asked about the collective force driving Avalon’s development, the answer lies in the collaboration of over 500 individuals. These passionate contributors boast a cumulative playtime experience that spans millions of hours across various MMORPGs. In their virtual journeys, they have witnessed the rise and fall of numerous titles, bringing a wealth of seasoned insights to shape the destiny of Avalon.

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The achievements for Avalon in 2023 include:

  1. Successful deployment of the game on four blockchains: WAX, Polygon, BSC, and Immutable.
  2. Full integration of the WEB3/UE4 worlds, featuring the WEB3 industry’s first home, storage, and land system, allowing players to claim and vacate properties in-game and on-chain.
  3. Recognition as the Number 1 upcoming WEB3 MMORPG on the Epic Games Store.
  4. The creation of a vibrant island with life, developed by four guilds across five villages and two harbors.
  5. Implementation of a comprehensive in-game business system, complete with taxation and item creation.
  6. Integration of player-owned ground mounts, including multiple options, as well as event-based flying mounts.

In response to constant player demand, our team surpassed expectations during the technical Alpha test, expanding from one village to five and from one raid to three. Players also influenced the introduction of a fully implemented gamepad controller and third-person gameplay. While acknowledging the presence of ongoing production bugs that we are committed to resolving, we consider this year a highly successful production year for our team and a year filled with enjoyable gameplay for our early-stage players.

Avalon Beta — The Gods of Orion expansion.

As we approach 2024, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our active players and supporters from 17 countries across the globe. A special thank you goes out to our development teams located in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Special thanks to Amazon AWS Gaming division for their incredible support and knowledge shared with us. A big thank you to Epic Games for opening your doors to our early release. Last but not least, a huge thank you to all the hardworking people at Atomic.hub, Bountyblock,Polygon Games, Immutable, and WAX chain for supporting us on this journey.

We eagerly anticipate inviting you to our UE5-based BETA next year, continuing this amazing journey of building the world of Avalon The Game.

Screenshot from our upcoming Avalon Beta trailer — “ Solomon’s Stables”

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Wishing you Happy New Year!

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