Immutable Partnership and Land Sale in Avalon

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5 min readDec 12, 2023

Introducing Immutable to Avalon

If this is your first encounter with Avalon The Game, welcome to an extraordinary experience! Avalon The Game is a genuine open-world MMORPG crafted in the powerful Unreal Engine 5. Our technical alpha has been thriving for the past 12 months, attracting thousands of players who have explored the wonders of our virtual realm.

In our ongoing journey to enhance the Avalon experience, we’ve made a significant decision to join forces with Immutable . This strategic move stems from our pursuit of scalability and a deep-rooted desire to integrate more seamlessly with the Ethereum ecosystem. Following thorough research, Immutable emerged as the optimal solution tailored to our specific requirements.

Immutable stands out as the premier Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs, providing the unique advantage of gas-free minting and trading. This revolutionary platform doesn’t compromise the security of Ethereum, the world’s most widely used blockchain for NFTs. Fueled by StarkWare’s cutting-edge technology, Immutable boasts features like instant trade confirmation, massive scalability, and a user-friendly interface.

Following this integration, we will swiftly proceed with tests of Immutable zkEVM and subsequent phases of its implementation.

Why We Embrace the Partnership with Immutable

Our decision to ad another chain to our product in this case Immutable marks a strategic move that opens up a myriad of new possibilities and features for Avalon The Game, both right now and in the immediate future. These enhancements are pivotal to the ongoing success of our immersive gaming experience.

Let’s delve into the key capabilities this partnership brings, highlighting the most significant additions that will elevate our platform.

Unmatched Speed and Responsiveness- Upon migrating to Immutable, we’ll instantly harness its extensive transaction capacity and lightning-fast transaction speeds. This translates to minting and trading with confirmation times measured in mere milliseconds, eliminating any frustrating waiting periods.

Enhanced Accessibility- Say goodbye to the need for holding tokens to cover gas fees. Immutable operates as a gasless protocol, eliminating the requirement to stock up on MATIC before every event, sale, or transaction. This user-friendly approach is particularly advantageous for those less experienced in the realm of blockchain.

Elevated Security- Immutable’s layer-2 solution, powered by the pioneering technology of StarkWare and zkEVM, ensures top-tier security. In simpler terms, our connection directly to Ethereum, with continuous proof of transactions posted to the Ethereum blockchain, provides the robust security of Ethereum itself. This fortification comes hand-in-hand with the rapid responsiveness essential for delivering an exceptional gaming experience.

Expansion of Marketplaces: The integration of Immutable into Avalon will go hand in hand with an expansion to multiple new Immutable-related partner marketplaces. Players will now have the opportunity to discover and list their NFTs on platforms such as Token Trove and Atomic Hub.

Launch on Immutable and First Land Sale :

To celebrate our launch on the Immutable chain, we’re thrilled to announce an upcoming exciting release of lands and access passes via the Atomic Hub Launchpad. The sale is set to kick off in February and will run for six days Here’s a glimpse of the lands available in the sale:

  1. Small Village Huts — 20 units
  2. Village Farms with Large Village Homes — 20 units
  3. Village Windmill (in-game business) — 5 units

As an added bonus, you’ll also have the opportunity to snag a 30-day access pass, but act fast as these are limited to just 200 units.

30 day Pass — Avalon The Game

With the 30 day pass, you will receive:

  • 500 in-game Avalon tokens, providing you with a solid foundation for your adventures.
  • Full Access to revamped daily raids to collect uncommon NFT badges along the way.
  • You can exchange 21 badges for an Uncommon Character NFT, granting you lifetime access to Avalon starting from our beta UE5 release.
  • Furthermore, as a pass holder, you have the opportunity to claim in-game NFT armor and weapon drops, with each pass allowing you to acquire one NFT type.
  • Owners of the 30 day pass will need to be aware that they won’t be able to retain their gathered resources when transitioning to BETA. However, there’s a silver lining for those who call ALPHA home — if you own property here, you can preserve and transfer all your valuable resources in to Avalon Beta.
  • However, the story takes an exciting turn if you decide to extend your adventures! By purchasing 30-day access for the upcoming month, you’ll gain the ability to safeguard your resources conveniently within your character’s inventory. It’s a seamless way to carry the wealth of your journeys forward and continue building your Avalon legacy.

Even as proud owners of Avalon land, you’ll still require an access pass to immerse yourself in the game.

With the 30-day access pass, you can embark on a unique journey to collect 21 NFT badges throughout your gameplay. Combine the pass and badges to craft your very own uncommon NFT character (hero).

These NFT characters come with an incredible perk — granting players a lifetime of free access to Avalon The Game. Once you’ve crafted your hero, there’s no need for monthly access passes, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted adventure in Avalon.

Payment methods accepted during the launchpad event on Atomic.Hub include:

  1. ETH balance on IMX wallet
  2. Credit cards
  3. Coinbase Commerce (BTC, ETH, stable coins)Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to secure your piece of Avalon!

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