The First NFT Drop of 2023 : A Knight To Remember

Danu Games
3 min readMay 15, 2023

What’s included in this drop?

Avalon’s four NFT drops will all take place on May 17 at 18:00 UTC via the AtomicHub Launchpad:

  • The Druidic Cross of Conrad, $9.99 — guarantees a whitelist spot for future land drops, and is a stat-boosting accessory for the Dark Mage Inquisitor
  • Early Access Pass (June), priced at $49.99, grants you exclusive entry to the game for a full month, providing ample time to immerse yourself in a minimum of 21 exhilarating raids. These daring adventures will reward you with coveted raid badges, essential for creating your very own NFT character! To amass these badges, active participation in daily raids is crucial. Once accumulated, these valuable badges can be exchanged for a character of your choice, unlocking complete access to the Beta version and future full game. The exchange rate stands at 1 pass + 21 badges to claim a single character. Please note that each access pass allows redemption for only one Uncommon class character. Moreover, this exchange offer is limited to the remarkable NFT characters: Vikings Sea or Horse clan, and Elven Archers.
  • The Knight of the Round Table, $179 — an Epic-rarity character that provides unlimited access to Avalon from the Beta launch in December 2023. Read more about Knight of Round table here .
  • Large House & Village Farm Land, $599 — an interactive in-game house and land plot which generates food and crafting resources, provides storage for your items, and allows you to raise your own livestock. Find out more about Avalon farms here .

Each drop will be open until May 24 at 18:00 UTC (one week), and will be an Open Mint (bar the Large House & Village Farm Land). This means that an unlimited number of each NFT will be available. At the end of the drop, the template of the June Pass will be locked , meaning no more can be minted.

As with previous drops, a variety of crypto and fiat purchase options will be available, including WAX balance and credit/debit card.

With exclusive in-game items and characters up for grabs, a limited number of houses & land plots available, and an immersive MMORPG experience to dive into, if you’re looking to get ahead, be sure to get involved in Avalon’s drops on May 17, 18:00 UTC!

For further details on Avalon, read their litepaper, visit their website, follow their Twitter, and join their Discord community.



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