Higher Education : Access Denied
Graham Brown-Martin

This spoke right to my heart as well as my direct experience. Just to say it is even worse in the US or US institutions. I am nowhere near so qualified as you (yes, imo, qualified) but am extremely good in a limited sphere, which would, were it allowed, overlap with a call for serious education reform. I have a B.A. — from an art college, where immersed myself in fashionable cultural theory just so I could talk to the post-modernist big kids. But no chance of getting to grad school- had to go right to work (as a journalist in the days when it paid) — since I was already 32 and in debt. At least got it, though, thanks to being in Ireland and not the US. Now I am lucky to be an adjunct teaching writing in an American university abroad where positive colleagues and admins do their best to help me cover for the advanced degrees I don’t have, and keep me based on student evals. But it is a perilous situation and I was even dislodged for a few years when some hostile young US PhDs who were not greatly regarded decided on a witch hunt. Tg they are all gone, and I got my job back. Good luck to you, thank you for the marvellous article, and I follow you with deep interest. Expose the beast.

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