BEGIN Japanology: Vending Machines

I have always loved Japan and the wonders that come out of Japan like stationary goods, storage items, food how could I forget food and television shows. I think my love your all these Japanese comes from being part Asian and my need for all thing Asian in my life; food, clothing, shows, etc. For those wondering how I am part Chinese, my mom was born and raised in Hong Kong while it was still under British Rule and then moved to Canada with her family before Hong Kong became part of China.

My really good friend Christine and her family showed me these videos on YouTube called BEGIN Japanology and that night we watched 6 videos on Japanology. Some of my favourite videos are on Vending Machines because I love coffee and food, Department Stores, Types of Uniforms Worn and Kimonos.

In this post I will be talking about Vending Machines. These videos point out different and interesting aspects of the Japanese everyday culture. There are vending machines food, beverages, and clothing. In Japan, vending machines started to appear in 1950s with drink machines, and then really began to take off in the following decades.

Below are some of the different types of vending machines:

Hot Menu Vending Machine
Lettuce Vending Machine
Banana Vending Machine
Beer and Sake Vending Machine
Ties Vending Machine
Floral arrangements
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