Project Week

Week Five @ Galvanize

This past week each of us students worked on personal projects. The task was to use a library that we weren’t familiar with. Given a choice between 15–20 libraries, and within 3 days time we were to produce an idea, game, or whatever we wanted. Each of us presented our finished project this past Friday.

I decided to create an Interactive Art piece and was inspired by Jenn Schiffer’s take on the Mondrian using HTML & CSS. My first inkling was that I wanted to create something static — like a digital painting. If the user clicked somewhere, something on the painting would change.

Here is an original Piet Mondrian:

I added more boxes and dividers with pure CSS. So the idea morphed into this:

I used both CSS3 animations and Vanilla JavaScript to power up this piece.

The user has the choice of 4 buttons, each with different color themes. When clicking on one of the buttons, the color variations change (fading in and out to different colors). The fourth and final theme, Wild Card, showcases other famous art pieces over history, with a embedded video of a fun, contemporary artist I enjoy.

Here is the link (it currently works in the Google chrome browser)

I hope everyone had a fantastic week!


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