How it all went down this Sallah.

Considering the fact that there seems to be a recession in the works, this year’s Sallah would most likely be a lowkey one. But I couldn’t fail to notice that despite the purported increase in the price of rams all my muslim neighbours had canopies out. Looks like it won’t be lowkey after all.

I started the day with a morning jog, which was very refreshing. Then settled for a game of Fifa 16 with my cousins.

Next step was to go Sallah meat hunting, and I van categorically state that the hunt was successful. I spent the rest of the day munching on assorted beef and a little booze to help with the digestion. I also met this fine chick at the party, apparently she came with her boyfriend, so she couldn’t really talk to me. She just saved her number on my phone and asked me to hit her up on whatsapp. It was a pretty good day. Best Sallah in a very long time. I am out.

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