Should Nigeria be proud at 56?

I woke up to an article by the Guardian Newspaper, quoting PMB saying “Nigeria is where it is supposed to be at 56". I am not even half the age of Nigeria, but I beg to differ. It seems more like a callous statement from a man who chose to launch a photo album with practically nothing to show off as achievements for his administration. I am a big fan of PMB, and I supported him during the last election, basically because I loved his tenacity and the fact that I knew the last administration had nothing to offer.

Nigeria happens to be one of the most endowed countries in the world (as a geologist I can attest to that with facts), but yet we always seem to find ourselves wallowing in self pity and pain, as a result of our actions or inactions. And I personally think the quagmire we are in right now is as a result of the irresponsibilities of the previous generations which sadly PMB is a part of. We could choose to continue pointing fingers and coming up with reasons as to why we are currently in this situation. Some say it is due to our over dependence on crude oil, corruption, consumerism, lack of diversification of our economy. I think all these factors contributed to a failed system of governance. And the only way forward is for us to look inwards, restructure the mode of governance and reflect on how we as a nation can move forward in love and unity.