9 Facts About The CryptoKitties Trading Economy That Will Blow Your Mind

Here at DappClap, we love looking over and analyzing data. Which is why we built our Ethereum Dapps analytics site in the first place.

CryptoKitties has been long talked about. They’ve hit the news for “breaking Ethereum”, selling a kitty for 250 ether, and recently even releasing a Stephen Curry special edition. We thought it’d be a perfect dApp to start off our deep dApp dive series.

We’ve been noticing an increase with CryptoKitties, in transactions and volume, on our site. With new dApps like Kitty Hats, Crypto Cuddles and Kitty Race, players are starting to buy kitties to play them on other dApps.

The rise of the mobile dApp browsers, Toshi and Trust Wallet, are also great for the CryptoKitties economy.

With that being said, this is merely a snapshot of their success and their players success up to this point. Let’s begin our journey with an infographic.

So let’s break down these facts one by one.

  • Quick disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with CryptoKitties or Axiom.

Another side note: We did not take into account any sales that happened from breeding. This is strictly just transactions that happened on their marketplace contract found here. We will be taking another dive into birthing and breeding in part 2 of the series.

Fact #1: Over 32 Kitties have Sold for over 100 Ether

This is something that we hadn’t heard of before. We’ve all heard about the 250 Ether Kitty, but there is actually 6 Kitties that sold for over 200 ether and 32 Kitties that sold for over 100! That’s something we did not expect to find when we started this.

Fact #2: A total of 27% of players who bought at least one kitty made profit

This is also a number that we found very interesting. Despite people being left holding kitties that didn’t sell, or even taking losses on certain purchases, 27% of players still came out positive. Considering the slowdown that happened along side the crypto markets crashing in January. This is an impressive number to us.

Fact #3: A total of 4,301.03 ETH was spent on the Top 25 Kitties.

Yeah. That’s correct. That’s quite a bit of cash. Here are the transactions from top to bottom if you care to dig in:

Fact #4: Kitty #350227 is one of the most purchased kitties

This is a cool random fact we found. Despite all the fancy and elaborate kitties that have been created in CryptoKitties’ lifetime. The kitty that was sold most frequently was just a nice simple pink kitty.

Fact #5: 43,687.32 ETH has been spent on kitties between all users

This is just strictly the amount of ether spent purchasing kitties from the marketplace. Insanity. For a fun calculator game, CK took their well deserved % in fees from those sales. Add that with their sales from their Gen0 releases, and yeah... Have fun with that one. It’s pretty high.

Fact #6: Around 40,000 more players bought kitties than sold kitties

This number doesn’t particularly surprise us, but it’s still very interesting. For a bonus fact (let’s call it 6.5), there were a total amount of 11,411 players who only bought one kitty and never sold it. We’re sure many players bought one kitty after hearing about it from a friend or the media, and never did anything with it after that. Potentially a few sprinkled in there who just couldn’t resell and moved on. It’s up for debate why that gap is there. Would love to hear your theories.

Fact #7 + 8: The most sales and purchases that one player had

The #1 biggest seller of kitties had a whopping 6,619 sales! That’s one busy person. Especially considering the player who had the most purchases was roughly 30% of that, at a still staggering number of 2,318.

This again looks like the player who sold the most kitties, must have done quite a bit of breeding or internal trading outside of the marketplace. We’re leaning more towards breeding.

Fact #9: The best of them all, who made the most money? *drumroll*

With a total of 466.64 ether, we found our winner. You can do a bit of digging around the internal transactions and see 0x79bd592415ff6c91cfe69a7f9cd091354fc65a18 did very well. Maybe cracked the gene code and was botting. Not sure, but these numbers blew our minds, so we double checked to make sure they were correct, and..

Well done, sir/ma’am.

That’s it for now.

We really hope you enjoyed the first series of our deep dApp dive. Feel free to use any of the information listed in this article, just shoot us some love at DappClap.com. It took us a lot of time and headaches to get the data in order.

Leave us any comments or suggestions for different dApps you’d like to see, or more details on CryptoKitties, and we’ll start digging!

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