Open Letter From a Recovering Sexist: Joy Taylor Doesn’t Need Your Sexist Tweets

Dear Fellow Men,

I know it seems hard to not speak your mind about the physical attractiveness of a woman but there is no need to do so out loud…especially on social media. Yet some of us men are persuaded by our insecurities,hormones and/or culture, texting away into the abyss of male chauvinism. Yes, I am no saint and fall off the wagon from time to time into my sexist ways.

Which leads me to what happened yesterday. I gave my weekly shout out to women I find inspiring or interesting (#WCW) and one of the women on my list, Joy Taylor, responded. I was curious to know what was on her twitter timeline. More so if there were any sexist comments. And there they were, comments about her not needing to cook well because of her good looks. She admitted that her cooking sucks but did there need to be comments about her body or her looks? (Should we even be talking about her cooking at all? She’s a sports analyst!)I don’t think so! She works hard to keep a voice in the male dominated sports world. From co-hosting the show “The Undisputed” with Shannon Sharp and Skip Bay less (Which is hard work in itself!)to doing pod cast “ Maybe I’m Crazy” with Brandon J. Newman. She puts in hours of work daily, displays high sports acumen and still manages to keep charisma through it all. She is a hard working analyst, that enjoys what she does.

So next time you find yourself about to type sexist remarks on Twitter, just remember Joy Taylor could be someone in your family working hard in their profession. Would you want people insulting, degrading or harassing them about their looks? I don’t think so! Most of you would be ready to fight someone.

Keep up the good work Joy Taylor!

Sincerely a Recovering Sexist,

By no means am I innocent from swaying into sexist ideas or commenting, I am finding my way to a mental place of gender equality. Just like an recovering addict I take it one day at a time. If you see sexist comments or any edit I need to make feel and I will do my best to fix this letter or write another one.