Bridal Shoe Swag for Today’s Fashionista…

{Part 2}

Last week, we started a fun, new shoe swag series for the fashionista bride who wants more than the traditional white bridal heels. This week we shared even more bridal shoe inspiration (because shoes are life! 😉) So, let’s get started!

Bridal Boots.

These boots aren’t just for western cowgirls, today’s bridal boots can also be found in rose gold, gorgeous white lace booties, romantic golden satin lace up over-the-knee boots, and even bridal Ugg’s for snowy weddings! {Sources}

Retro Bridal Kicks.

Sneakerheads, you shouldn’t have to abandon your love of retro J’s or Converse All Star’s on your wedding day. These brides prove that lace dresses and your fav laces can be a match made in fashion heaven! {Sources}

Artsy Bridal Prosthetic Covers.

Technically, you can wear shoes with lower limb prosthetics...but since it’s your wedding day, feel free to jazz up your wedding day look with these gorgeous prosthetic covers designed with florals, gold, lace, or even a bespoke cover with your wedding date and colors! {Sources}

Hope you enjoyed today’s bridal shoe inspirations! Stay tuned for more bridal fabulousness on next week’s #WeddingTrendWednesday!

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