How You Can Own an Engagement Ring Just as Beautiful as This $60 Million Dollar Rare Pink Diamond!

4 Alternatives to Expensive Pink Diamonds!

{Photo credits: Left, top to bottom: Rare Earth Jewelry, Omi Gems, Jeen Jewels, and Stauer. Right: Forbes/Sothebys.}

The largest Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid Pink diamond to receive a GIA certification is set to be auctioned off...again, and the estimated value is over $60M! Fortunately, for the rest of the world, you can score a beautiful blush-hued engagement ring for a tiny fraction of that! Here are 4 alternatives to pink diamonds.

Round Halo Morganite Engagement Ring and Wedding Band by Rare Earth Jewelry. Named after the famous banker, J. P. Morgan, morganite has gained unprecedented popularity over the years as an affordable option to pink diamonds. These gorgeous gemstones can range in color from barely pink to blush, to a gorgeous peach hue. {Photo via Rare Earth Jewelry.}

Pink Radiant Sapphire and Diamond Micro Pave Ring by Omi Gems. Pink sapphires generally have more intense pink hues than morganite, and are a great affordable option to “Fancy Vivid” pink diamonds! {Photo via Omi Gems.}

Cushion Cut Morganite Halo Engagement Ring by Jeen Jewels. Cushion cut lovers, there’s something for you, too! {Photo via Jeen Jewels.}

Piera Pink Lab-created DiamondAura Ring by Stauer. For those who want a more eco-friendly approach to jewelry, lab-created stones are a great option! Responsible gem labs create stones that are optically similar to their natural counterparts, saving wear and tear on the environment and surrounding ecosystems. {Photo via Stauer.}

Hope you enjoyed these gorgeous engagement rings. Happy ring shopping!

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